Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm currently crushing on activewear......actually what I'm really crushing on is a healthier, more physically fit version of myself. Last weekend I purged our refrigerator and pantry of all the crap and vowed to make better choices at the grocery store. I've severely cut back my caffeine and carbohydrate intake (Hello, my name is Alia and I'm a carb-o-holic) and made leafy greens a part of my daily diet. I've been scouring craigslist for a used jogging stroller so I can take the little guy running with me and have been trying to find ways that I can be more active with him. Whew! I think that was the longest intro ever to a CCO post. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


  1. yes, sports wear! love numbers 1 and 3. chic!

  2. I love me some good workout clothes as well! Now I just need to find more time to actually workout!

  3. It's that time of year where we come out of our winter hibernations and want to get more active! Cute clothes definitely help!!!


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