Monday, December 2, 2013


Black has always been my favorite "color". I've always loved the all-black monochrome look but sometimes mixing in one piece (like that fantabulous coat) in a neutral color can make it all that much better......also, gold accessories make me happy!

  1. a basic turtleneck sweater
  2. ankle length jeans
  3. this coat.....OMG
  4. kinda want to give heels a try  (I haven't worn any in over 5 years)
  5. my favorite polish in black onyx
  6. gold bracelet
  7. foldover crossbody bag


  1. monochrome black can look really sharp, I think the key is making sure none of the pieces are faded. The neutral coat (not sure what colour to call it) is the perfect finishing touch.

    1. yeah, when I do head to toe black (especially when the sun is out) I feel a little extreme so I usually find one thing that's a neutral color to add on.


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